Fine Purveyor of Poetic Lines, Audio Gems, & Secret Lumpia


Pinayorker born in the Philippines, raised in Queens, weaponizing words in Portland, OR


Pamela K. Santos

Pamela Kristine Santos is a Pinayorker writer, radio/podcast producer, curator, and recognized lumpia sovereign of Portland. Born in the Philippines and sharpened to a fine Tagalugan steel in Queens (the home of hip hop and immigrant wonderland), Pamela weaponizes words in the whitest city of America.

Pamela has been featured in the Unchaste Readers Series and was recently published in the Unchaste Anthology Volume 2 (2017). She has also been a featured reader in the Whitenoise Project, a presenter of Filipino food stories for the first installment of Tender Table, a storyteller in the Invisible Spectrum “Secrets” show, and a finalist in the 2017 Corporeal Voices competition. Her Balikbayan Para Sa Mga Patay/Balikbayan Box For The Dead altar was featured in the “Dia de Muertx” exhibit at UNA Gallery in November and related to her current work in progress, Darna Livestreams The Rebolusyon.